Farm Tours are available by reservation

School groups, garden clubs, and community organizations have enjoyed touring this working permaculture farm.

Typical tours are 90 minutes and cover nursery propagation, integrated annual, perennial and animal systems, water catchment with over a 1/2 mile of swales and the edible food forest.  Pet a chicken and cut some flowers. Tours cost $10 per person (there is $100 minimum).

Tours and hands-on activities can be arranged to meet your goals. More in-depth tours including theory, philosophy and practice can be arranged with a hands on activity.

We have had 3rd graders harvest their own snack and sixth graders plant 120 lbs. of garlic. Preschoolers have made flower bouquets, high schoolers have developed their own sustainable agriculture study questions and college students have received credit in our apprenticeship program.

Let us know how we can help you meet your educational curriculum goals!

See one of the most unique and progressive sustainable small family farms on the east coast.  Please contact us for reservations.