Calling all c-ville Radicals! member Card CSA!

For 2020, we are testing out a new and improved CSA model.  CSA members sign up now and get a member card that you swipe at the Saturday Charlottesville City market, selecting exactly what you want that week.  Radical Roots CSA gift cards are preloaded with the amount you choose from our options, plus a 10% bonus tacked on.   You simply shop the stand– that’s all of our delicious organic vegetables, plants, herbs and Radical Roots swag. No need to inform us of vacations or holiday plans, no worrying about how many weeks you have left or how many credits you’ve used, no wondering exactly how much you are saving. We can inform you of your balance at anytime, and you can reload your card whenever you like. A simpler CSA, one that fits in your wallet, with all the financial benefits and none of the restraints!

Ready to buy for 2020?

Sign up by October 1st at 5 pm and get a bonus CSA week on October 2nd this season!

Certified Organically Grown produce direct from our farm to your table, every week 

Community Supported Agriculture cultivates and nurtures a beneficial partnership among farmers, community members and the land. CSA members join our farm in a mutual commitment for the season: Farmers produces nutritious, organic food while the members share in the risks and benefits of the production and harvest.

When joining Radical roots CSA, you purchase a share of the harvest before the growing season begins. Your investment helps to cover the up-front operating costs and in return you receive all the bounty of the harvest.

CSA is the freshest way to receive vegetables because they are delivered moments after harvest. By investing in Radical Roots CSA you support the local economy and get the benefit of knowing how and where your food is grown.  CSA members recieve a 10% discount at our market stand!

Ready to get started?

How much is in a share each week?

Each share will contain between 9 & 12 different items. The share has a structure that is consistent even though there is a lot of diversity. A share will contain:

• One fresh cut herb (basil, parsley or cilantro and others) • A salad green (salad mix, head lettuce or cut lettuce mix) • A cooking green (kale, chard, cabbage, spinach or bok choi) • An allium (scallions, garlic, onions or leeks) • Usually a root (radish, beets, or carrots) • Summer fruits, with many starting in July! (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and squash)

What if I go on vacation?

You have three options:

  1. Have a friend or neighbor pick up in your absence

  2. Let us know 48 hour before your pick up time that you will be gone, we won’t harvest your share, and you can an equivalent value at market the next week

  3. After the pick up time expires the vegetables will be donated to a food bank

Where do i pick up my csa share?

We offer CSA shares in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville. 
Our Harrisonburg CSA pick up is on Mondays at the Friendly City Food Coop from 4-6. 
Our Charlottesville CSA pick up is at Albemarle Baking Company on Wednesdays from 4-6. 
We harvest the morning of and email out a reminder each pick up day with news of what is in your share.

How can I experience the farm?

Everyone is invited to our annual spring farm tour and all CSA members are welcome to pick your own herbs and flowers on the farm (Please contact us to schedule).

Crop June July August September
Spinach sun
Rhubarb SunPic
Radishes SunPic
Lettuce SunPic SunPic SunPic SunPic
Salad Mix SunPic SunPic SunPic
Cilantro SunPic SunPic
Chard SunPic SunPic SunPic
Scallions SunPic SunPic SunPic
Basil SunPic SunPic SunPic
Beets SunPic SunPic SunPic SunPic
Zucchini SunPic SunPic SunPic SunPic
Yellow Squash SunPic SunPic SunPic SunPic
Cucumbers SunPic SunPic
Cherry Tomatoes SunPic SunPic SunPic
Tomatoes SunPic SunPic SunPic
Eggplant SunPic SunPic SunPic
Beans SunPic SunPic
Carrots SunPic SunPic SunPic
Garlic SunPic SunPic SunPic
Sunflowers SunPic SunPic SunPic
Onions SunPic SunPic SunPic
Green Peppers SunPic SunPic SunPic
Red Peppers SunPic SunPic
Kale SunPic SunPic
Okra SunPic SunPic SunPic
Butternut SunPic